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How Does It Work?

Very easy, you have selected your prospective tenants and now you want to carry out the background checks before making the final decision.

You go to Search Tenant Reviews after you have Logged in and enter the information it asks for.

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When the tenants record shows up, you can read reviews on that tenants history from other landlords or property managers.  This gives you real time personal information on the tenant, helping you to make the right decision.

Don't forget credit checks and eviction reports are not always up to date.

If however you don't find any results on a tenant, you can then quickly create a record on that tenant.  From here when the tenant moves out, you can then leave a review and with the proprietary rating system from your answers, it will generate a star rating in the background.  Now we are creating a history report on that tenant.

When a review is left, you will gain 3 free searches to use next time and the more reviews you leave, the more you gain.  For as long as you're a member, there is no expiry on your free searches accumulated!

So be sure to leave a review and this way, we can start to protect our investments, without going through the costs, hassle and legalities of having bad tenants.

A FREE! solution to picking the right tenant!

Now you have an additional source for making decisions about which tenant to choose. And for now it's a free solution.

Just create an account and read what other landlords have said about your prospective tenant.


Great resource to help ensure I'm renting to a good tenant

- Peg

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